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How To Increase Your Orthodontist Reviews

By Brandon George / August 13, 2019

Online reviews play a pivotal role in the success of a business. In fact, studies reveal that 90 percent of consumers consult online testimonials before deciding whether or not a company is worthy of their business. When it comes to more delicate affairs such as dental services, prospective clients are more reliant on the opinions… Read More »

How Plastic Surgeon Reviews Enhance Your Business

By Brandon George / August 6, 2019

Word-of-mouth advertising is so potent marketers have dubbed it the most effective form of promotion. In short, this mode of marketing consists of oral or written recommendations by satisfied customers given to potential clients of a specific good or service. These glowing testimonials are exceedingly advantageous to a business. In the plastic surgery realm, specifically,… Read More »

5 Ways Bed and Breakfast Reviews Keep you Sold Out

By Brandon George / July 30, 2019

The internet is a treasure trove of helpful insights and information. With the Digital Age on a steady incline, consumers routinely use online platforms to gauge the merit of a business. Research shows that 67 percent of customers are influenced by online ratings. With that said, reviews play a pivotal role in a company’s success…. Read More »

5 Ways Assisted Living Reviews Help Senior Care Facilities

By Brandon George / July 23, 2019

Deciding whether to place your loved one in a senior care facility is a tough decision and one that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Therefore, doing your research ahead of choosing an assisted living facility is essential. One of the best places to turn to for help is the internet. Many people in our age of… Read More »

5 Ways Mechanic Reviews Help Auto Repair Shops

By Brandon George / July 16, 2019

Auto repair is no laughing matter and choosing the right mechanic and auto shop for the job isn’t always as simple as taking your car into the dealership from which you purchased your vehicle. When the time comes to choose an auto repair shop that suits your needs, here’s why mechanic reviews are essential: Car… Read More »

5 Reasons Law Firm Reviews Are Essential

By Brandon George / July 9, 2019

Online reputation management is critical for any business, but it is becoming increasingly important when it comes to law firm reviews. Online reviews do several things for law firms, from attracting new clients to improving your law firm’s local ratings and building trust. Asking for reviews is good for business, although some find it a… Read More »

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